not book smart but digital-media smart

One common misconception is that everyone is an expertise at social media. Yes, we all probably know how to use digital media, but we need to learn how to use it efficiently and effectively.

Image Credit: Jens Buchert

When a company uses social media to engage with customers, there are some aspects that are important to consider beforehand. Instead of jumping straight into posting, we need to learn to strategically plan ways to communicate with consumers by understanding the power that digital media has on consumers. For example, we need to know: whom we are trying to target as the receivers of the message? What is the message we try to communicate? How is the best way to communicate the message? And many questions like these.  The Entrepreneur has released a complete article on September 16, 2013 on the 10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan. The list contains tips on what to do and what to keep in mind when developing the marketing plan for a company. However, I will go over the two points touched on the article that I consider the most important.

What is the biggest mistake to avoid? Not having an on-going plan. One of the most important aspects of media is that it has to be constantly updated to offer on-going reinforcement. If a company’s digital media advertisement stops at some point, then other company’s advertisements and reinforcements could attract consumers. In this way, it is really important to keep this in mind while planning use digital media as a marketing strategy.

How can I measure the success of my social-media marketing efforts? Success in social media is harder to measure. Even though some media offers some kind of statistics, it does not reflect the positive response that customers had over the negative responses once customers received the message. It only quantifies the amount of people that your post reached.

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.09.39 PM

Some other websites offer a more detailed statistics. However, it is difficult to know for the statistics the specific feelings and emotions that the advertisement caused to each consumer. Digital media provides a quantitative data to measure success, however, it doesn’t provide quantitative data. But, even with this statistical information, the company should use it as a feedback to help better develop the marketing strategies for the future.

These are only some questions to keep in mind when using digital medias as a marketing strategy. Be conscious, be aware and use it wisely!


One thought on “not book smart but digital-media smart

  1. This is a very good point that even though most people are familiar with social media, not all of them know how to use it effectively, especially on a corporate level. Many users list social media as a skill on their LinkedIN profiles, but they all have very different degrees of expertise.

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