Science and art come together

The Magazine Inc. releases once a year the top 500 companies with the highest growth rates. We are talking about five digits percentages of growth in the last three years. That means one thing: those companies are making something right.

DataXu in a company located in the position 5 of the list. This company is cloud platform that uses the big data that marketing departments base their decision on and sets it upin mathematical equations to analyze the way in which that information is relevant to a specific market. The information used and the results change depending on the company and the information available in the media. The goal of the company is to be able to find mathematically the most profitable customers of a company and facilitate the marketing rational decisions  to develop a marketing mix that better fit those customers’ characteristics.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 6.19.14 PM


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First the platform understand the consumers, later it engages with them at all possible points of a sale and finally develops a plan of maximization of the marketing plan that is appealing to the profitable customers.

The reason behind this company’s success is the efficiency with which they use the information available in the digital world. The days in which a single advertisement or commercial was intended to appeal to the mass population are gone. Today, the marketing field is looking to understand customers individually and be able to predict their behavior ahead of time. More over, companies that are able to achieve these goals tend to have a stronger presence in the market, customer loyalty and customer retention. Every marketer’s dream!


One thought on “Science and art come together

  1. This blog post really interested me because I’ve never heard of something like this before. It is such a smart invention to make such an application where you can get to know your customers, know your target customers and aim to draw in new types of customers. This is a great invention for someone who is going into marketing!

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